The Gentlemyn (mobledqueen) wrote in purple_specs,
The Gentlemyn

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Sisters of Murphy

Oh The Sisters of Murphy, they have not yet moved from this place.
They were waiting for me to make sure that I live in disgrace.
Well, they brought me some bad luck and then they put egg on my face.
Oh I hope you avoid them if you prefer Fortune's embrace.

Yes, you who have grandeur and excellence weaved in your dreams,
Don't follow those sirens, you know they are not what they seem.
If your life is a seed waiting calmly for sunshine and rain,
They will bind you with hope on a fruitless forsaken terrain.

They came at the moment that sleep reached the edge of my bed.
They lost all my keys and turned all my gold into lead.
When you're sure dawn's pink hand will brink comfort to end all you dread,
They will stretch out the night to make sure that you wish you were dead.

  • don't tell elvis

    but I want to have dirty sex with him.

  • (no subject)

    how do yo'll like my new hair cut, eh?

  • (no subject)

    My taste for transgression is bigger than ever. I WANT YOU, DOSTOYEVSKY! I WANT YOUR BRILIANT RUSSIAN ASS!

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